Marketing Pet Friendly License Plates

Promoting the "We Love Our Pets" License Plates:
  1. Make sure your organizational vehicles or personal vehicles have the "We Love Our Pets" plate.

  2. Distribute "We Love Our Pets" flyers to your adopters and supporters.

  3. Feature information about the license plate in your organization's e-newsletter, or promote through social media.

  4. Add the license plate image to your signature block during February, which is "Spay/Neuter Awareness Month."

  5. Encourage Community Awareness - Do you work with local veterinarians or pet supply stores? Coordinate with them to promote the plates by asking them to distribute the "We Love Our Pets" flyer to their clients.

  6. Did you receive a "We Love Our Pets" Spay/Neuter Grant? Share the good news by completing this sample press release and issuing to your local media and legislators! (Click here for assistance identifying your local district and representatives.)