Professional Development

In our commitment to support the animal care community in Washington State, The Federation has developed training programs and opportunities for animal care professionals. We can help you establish or enhance shelter operations, learn training and management techniques, develop a powerful and active Board of Directors, start a spay/neuter assistance program and provide quality service. For more information, contact us at info (at ) wafederation (dot) com to find out how to bring these programs, customized to meet your needs, to your facility.

Staff Training & Development:
a. Creating a strategic plan for your organization
b. Keys to recruiting and developing a dynamic Board of Directors
c.  Writing powerful grant proposals
d.  Developing your organization to its full potential

Shelter Operations:
a.  Adoption screening tools & techniques
b.  Best practices in volunteer management
c.  Developing an effective foster care program
d.  Starting a spay/neuter assistance program
e.  Euthanasia certification


  • The Humane Society of the United States' Animal Sheltering website offers information on a wide variety of programs designed with one goal in mind: to help local animal shelters and humane organizations improve the ways they work. Click on the link above to learn more about the many resources offered by The HSUS.
  • The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' Professional website connects professionals with animal welfare tools and resources, including information on ASPCA programs, tools for increasing your live release rate, a variety of operational shelter topics, and the latest news and research. Click on the link above to explore the wealth of information the ASPCA has to offer animal welfare professionals.
  • Maddie's Fund Comparative Database of Shelter Statistics provides two years of intake, adoption and euthanasia statistics from 474 shelters and 56 communities using Asilomar Accords reporting methods and formulas.  The database allows lifesaving to be measured within a community and to be compared to others. Search categories include geographic region, median income, size of human population, total intake, total adoptions, total euthanasia, live release rate, and deaths per 1000.