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  • The Federation wants to remind its members that the drug Tramadol is becoming a Schedule IV drug. It’s important for your agency’s veterinarians to know the new rules regarding prescriptions. Here are some details: For pharmacies and prescribers that are not veterinarians, any Rx for a controlled drug intended for more than a one day supply must be reported. For veterinarians, only controlled drugs dispensed for more than a 14 day supply must be reported.  So, veterinarians dispensing prescriptions with a supply of 14 days or less are exempt from this reporting requirement.

    For more information: Substitute Senate Bill 6105 (2012) was signed into law on March 29, 2012. The law requires the department to work with the Veterinary Board of Governors to establish alternative data reporting requirements for the Prescription Monitoring Program by either electronic or non-electronic methods. It also clarifies that drugs dispensed for one-day use do not need to be reported to the PMP. For more information, contact the program at 360-236-4806 or prescriptionmonitoring@doh.wa.gov.

  • Frustrated by lack of information? Not sure how to define the problem? Need more data to strategize how to save more lives? You are not alone! “Shelter Animals Count” was created by a cross-section of animal welfare agencies to create and share a National Shelter Database that would enable the measurement of progress in animal welfare, to inspire life-saving collaboration and have a positive impact over pet homelessness over time. Check out the website and the “Basic Data Maxtrix” to see what kind of information you should be tracking, and consider becoming part of this effort. Shelter Animals Count is dedicated to furthering more transparency with anonymity through sharing of shelter data to increase lifesaving opportunities.

  • Don't forget to check out our Upcoming Trainings page! A compilation of trainings relevant to the animal welfare industry, you'll be sure to find something that peeks your interest (and furthers your professional development goals). These training opportunities are updated on a regular basis, so bookmark this page and check back often!

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